Online Counselling

Online Session Information

I would like to provide you with some practical information to help you understand what to expect with online sessions and also provide some tips to make sure the process runs smoothly.

You might feel a little uncomfortable having sessions online but they can be as effective as meeting face to face. My goal is to create a safe and contained space to work with you. If there are some materials/documents we need to use in the session (CBT etc) I will make sure I have emailed this through to you before the session. Or sometimes I may email material we have developed together after the session.

Different Services :


Zoom has a stable connection and good sound quality. The service is free and accessed by a unique link in an email I send to you prior to each session. When using the application for the first time it is worth clicking on the link a few minutes earlier than the scheduled session to ensure your microphone and camera are enabled on your device.

Zoom is currently not encrypted however the unique link sent to you for each session is password protected and should ensure adequate security and confidentiality. Zoom can be used just for audio if preferred or video. I have shared a link for Zoom if you would like to download and try it yourself.


An encrypted service, frequently used on mobile phones. It is free to download and use. I will need your correct mobile number to use this application.


For iPhone users this is a secure and free way to have a video call. Again I will check I have the correct mobile number.


Skype is a better-known application that many of us have been using for years to connect with friends and relatives. It is perfectly adequate if you wish to use Skype but the connection can be unstable unless you have really good broadband. I am happy to use Skype if this is your preferred application. It is not encrypted.


Please ensure :

  • 1. You have your computer or mobile set up with video and microphone turned on and whatever device you are using is charged or connected to the mains.
  • 2. Your device is positioned at a sensible height so I can clearly see your face and the camera is at eye level.
  • 3. You will not be disturbed for the duration of the session and the door to the room you are in is closed.
  • 4. If you are using your computer have your mobile nearby, charged and on silent, just in case we lose audio and need to connect via telephone. If possible turn the phone over to reduce distractions.
  • 5. Try not to have your back to a window or bright source of light as this makes it hard for me to see you clearly. Situate yourself in a well-lit room.
  • 6. You have a box of tissues and a glass of water/tea etc nearby.
  • 7. You have not been drinking alcohol or taking drugs before our session.
  • 8. You do not record the sessions. I will not be recording any sessions UNLESS I have prior consent from you after mutually discussing and agreeing and a consent form has been signed by you.
  • 9. You will not permit anyone else to listen in to any part of our online session either in person or via a device without prior mutual agreement.

I will use headphones for our online sessions as I share my accommodation and whilst we will be in separate rooms in the house it ensures nothing you say will be heard by anyone other than myself.

Susannah Monk - Counsellor, BA (Hons) Humanistic Counselling (MBACP)

07895 037 117